Handling Items In An Abandoned Apartment

If you own an apartment building and you have an apartment that has been abandoned by the tenant, you may wonder what you can do in preparation to be able to rent the unit out to another party. Clean up will be mandatory, and the quicker you get it done, the faster rent money can be obtained from a new tenant. Here are some tips you can use in getting an apartment cleaned out properly so you can re-rent the unit swiftly.

Find Out The Law

There are stipulations regarding the removal of personal property from a tenant's apartment. To find out what laws apply in your own state, you can contact your local courthouse to ask about if there are requirements regarding how you handle the tenant's property. Some states will require you inform the tenant and you may need to store the material for a set amount of time before being legally allowed to dispose of it.

In most cases, if the material left behind is household trash that can pose a risk to other tenants or the building, it can be thrown away at your discretion. Belongings will value would need to be taken care of by the rules of the state.

Publicize Your Intent

Before ridding the apartment of the contents, send a publicized notification to your local newspaper. A lawyer would be best at helping you write the content needed to cover yourself if there are problems after you have sold or thrown items away. This step is done to notify companies that may have sold items to the tenant on a payment plan.

If the tenant has not paid for the items in full, they legally belong to the merchant. If you sell or throw them out, you may have to pay the merchant for them yourself unless you have a legal notification publicized stating your intent.

Distribute Items

If you feel the tenant may return for items, you can always rent storage space if you do not mind paying for the holding fee for a short time. Some states will require you do this anyway. When enough time has lapsed or if your lawyer states you are free to do what you wish with the items, hold a yard sale or auction to sell items that have value.

Rent a dumpster to place on your property for easy disposal of items you feel will not be valuable to others. You may be able to rent an additional bin to be used for recyclable material. The dumpster service will allow you to keep the bins on your property for as long as needed while you are sorting through the apartment. When you have cleaned it out thoroughly, they will come to remove the dumpster and all of the items inside.