Garbage Removal: How To Let Your Partner Know Your Relationship Is Completely Over

Sometimes taking the trash to the curb requires a little extra help. When your boyfriend or girlfriend just does not get the message, it is time to create a visual aid that will make it perfectly clear things between you two are over. It starts with the removal of all of his or her stuff. Despite being angry and upset, there is both a clean and a cathartic way to help you deal with the stress. Renting a dumpster to help you remove all of your former love's belongings allows you to transfer his or her property back to him/her in a symbolic way that reads loud and clear.

Dumpster Rentals and Your Ex's Stuff

Request a clean and sanitized dumpster in which to throw your ex's stuff. Making sure the dumpster is free of dirt and traces of garbage ensures that his or her stuff will be returned undamaged and that he or she will not sue you for ruining anything that belongs to him/her. A small dumpster, 8'x8', can hold your ex's entire wardrobe, a couch or recliner, all of his/her CD's, DVD's, a computer/laptop, gaming equipment, books, magazines and several smaller personal items before getting too full. Then the dumpster rental business can deliver it straight to your ex's new front door, with everything in tact.

Disposing Of Memories Rather Than Your Ex's Stuff

If your ex took all of his or her stuff with when you kicked him/her to the curb, then you can still use a dumpster to dispose of other things. Another cathartic way to get your ex out of your system (and symbolically out of your home) is to throw out all of those reminders, souvenirs and momentos. Just rent a  dumpster, position it below or near a window, and just start chucking items into the dumpster outside. As much as you may want to, do not set the dumpster's contents on fire. The dumpster rental business can sue you for damage to their dumpster, and the police and fire departments could fine you or send you to jail for setting a fire without a burning permit and setting a fire within a dumpster.

Burning Memories and Then Disposing Of Them

An alternative you may find more satisfying is to get a legal burning permit and then burn every momento in the pit. Once it is nice and charred and you feel less fiery, you can scoop the burned remains of your old relationship into a dumpster and send it to the nearest dump. Just make sure that none of the stuff you burn up belongs to your ex or is something he or she will want back.

If you're ready to get your ex out of your system  by utilizing a dumpster, contact a local company like Michael's Rolloff Solutions