The ABCs Of Avoiding Pest Problems With A Roll Off Dumpster

If you own and operate a business, trash is just part of the process, which is why roll-off dumpsters are an incredibly beneficial service to have around. Regardless of the type of business you have, any type of waste will be likely to attract pests, but if you have a business that revolves around food or food service, you can almost guarantee that pests will be a major concern. To make sure that the roll-off dumpster that you use for waste storage at your place of business is not going to attract pests, there are a few simple rules that you should be following. 

Always look for a waste collection company that cleans their containers.

Waste collection companies that offer rented roll off dumpsters may or may not clean them between each pick up and delivery. Therefore, this is an important question to ask if you are working to keep pests away from your receptacle. If the company in your area does not offer cleaning between pickups and deliveries, a simple splash of soap and a quick spray-down with a hose right after delivery can help to eliminate odors that may be lingering around inside of the receptacle. 

Be sure to keep a lock on the roll-off dumpster lid. 

Most roll off dumpsters that are used for business purposes do have lids installed that can be closed to keep pests away. Most business owners disregard the fact that these fold-up lids also typically have a loop where a lock can be installed. However, some pests are pretty sly, such as rodents and raccoons, which will just work their way into the dumpster anyway. To keep the dumpster rightly protected, keep a lock on the lid that will eliminate the issue. If handing out keys to employees sounds like too much of a hassle, a simple combination lock will do the trick. 

Contain all trash and waste in bags or boxes before placing it inside the dumpster.

Instead of carting out loads of waste in a trash bin and dumping it straight into the dumpster, make sure that you and each of your employees knows to only place trash in the container that is safely wrapped in a garbage bag or box. Keeping your trash contained instead of just tossed in loose will help keep food and waste odors down. Without strong odors radiating from the dumpster, it will be far less likely that pests will be attracted to your trash. Visit for more information.