Tips For Controlling Portable Toilet Odors

From hosting an outdoor wedding to building a house or completing a massive construction project, there are several instances when portable toilets are necessary. Portable toilets collect waste and stores it until the toilet is moved off-site or emptied by the waste management facility. The natural-bacteria breakdown causes the unmistakable odor that can make using a portable toilet unpleasant.

If you're renting a portable toilet, here are a few strategies to help you control the odor.

Choose the Right Location

Set your portable toilet on a flat, level, and sturdy ground. This ensures that the portable toilet doesn't tip over and spill any waste. Pick a spot that is several yards away from the event or construction site but is still easily accessible. An ideal location provides shade and air flow. The shade prevents the toilets from getting too warm, which can make the waste odors more noticeable.

Encourage users to keep the doors open after use. When there is a breeze, it can help air out any odors from the toilets.

Purchase Toilet Deodorizers

Portable toilet deodorizers prevent odors in two ways. The main job of tablets or liquid is to prevent the natural breakdown of waste, which is what causes the odors. The tablet's strong, pleasant aroma helps mask any odors that occur when the portable toilet is being used. Ask your waste management company to recommend a deodorizer and educate you on how to use it properly and how often you need to replace the product.

If you're renting a portable toilet for a weekend, you won't need to worry about deodorizers. However, if the portable toilets are on your job site or property for several weeks or months, your waste management provider might recommend adding more deodorizers once a month.

Clean the Toilets and Replenish the Supplies 

Finally, if there is a lot of traffic or the portable toilets are staying on your site for an extended period, cleaning the inside of the toilet and making sure there is plenty of sanitizer and toilet paper will help keep the odors in check. Ask your portable toilet provider to recommend a product to clean the toilet seat, sink, and inner walls.

A bleach-based product is the most effective option. Wear a mask, gloves, and keep the door propped open if you're using bleach to clean the inside of the toilet. Let the toilet air out before allowing guests or employees to use it again.

From finding the ideal spot to using the right deodorizing tablets, there are several ways you can prevent portable toilet odors.