Diogenes Syndrome Or Elderly Hoarding: 4 Tips To Help Get Control Of Your Parents' Hoarding

Has hoarding become a problem for your elderly parents? Do they refuse to part with things that they no longer need? Is the hoarding becoming a health hazard? If you're having a difficult time getting your parents to clean out their home, it may be more than a simple case of hoarding. They may be suffering from a condition known as Diogenes Syndrome.  Diogenes Syndrome, also known as senile squalor syndrome, may be caused by trauma, dementia, or lack of social interaction. [Read More]

Handling Items In An Abandoned Apartment

If you own an apartment building and you have an apartment that has been abandoned by the tenant, you may wonder what you can do in preparation to be able to rent the unit out to another party. Clean up will be mandatory, and the quicker you get it done, the faster rent money can be obtained from a new tenant. Here are some tips you can use in getting an apartment cleaned out properly so you can re-rent the unit swiftly. [Read More]